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Share some Application Server and Infrastructure 1Z0-134 exam questions and answers below.
You are concerned with messages being received systematically. You designed Message-Driven beans (MDB) to guarantee the most reliable way to consume messages.In which three scenarios would JMS always redeliver a message? (Choose three.)

A. when the onMessaqe() method of the MDB throws a Java error

B. when the transaction the MDB participates in eventually fails and rolls back

C. when the onMessage() method fails to acknowledge the reception of the message

D. when messages are not being sent as part of a transaction

E. when messages are non-persistent

Answer: B,C,D

Your developers have decided to use a deployment plan with their applications that will be deployed by WebLogic administrators into one or more WebLogic Server production environments.Which two primary goals can be accomplished by leveraging a deployment plan? (Choose two.)

A. Expose the external resource requirements of the application, such as JNDI names of datasources.

B. Expose additional configurable properties, such as tuning parameters.

C. Expose the targeted servers for deployment.

D. Expose the specific Java EE modules within the application, such as EJBs.

E. Expose access points into the application, such as a WSDL for web services.

Answer: A,B

In your production environment, you have deployed an application that is accessing a registered Java EE shared library as well as an application deployment plan. In addition, both the library and the application annotations for some of their configuration properties. You are attempting to understand the current state of the properties that have been used in this deployment.From greatest to least, what is the correct order of precedence that is used by WebLogic Server when applying configuration properties during deployment? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Deployment Plan, Application descriptors, Library descriptors, Application annotations, Library annotations

B. Deployment Plan, Application annotations, Library annotations, Application descriptors, Library descriptors

C. Deployment Plan, Library descriptors, Application descriptors, Library annotations, Application annotations

D. Deployment Plan, Application descriptors, Application annotations, Library descriptors, Library annotations

E. Deployment Plan, Library descriptors, Library annotations, Application descriptors, Application annotations

Answer: D

My domain consists of an administration server and two managed servers. During runtime, my administration server has crashed and I wish to start the managed servers in MSI mode.Which two files need to be copied from the admin server to the managed servers when starting them in this mode? (Choose two.)

A. config.xml

B. AdminServer.log

C. SerializedSystemIni.dat

D. access.log

E. MSI.xml

Answer: A,C

You are creating a Domain Template to simplify the process of deploying a domain across multiple hosts.Which five types of information can be included in a Domain Template? (Choose five.)

A. domain configuration, those included in the config.xml file

B. Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications and shared libraries

C. Windows and UNIX server start scripts

D. Windows Start menu entries

E. custom folders and files

F. LDAP data

G. JTA log

H. e-mail notification settings

Answer: A,B,C,D,E

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