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Share some Software as a Service – Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985 exam questions and answers below.
Which statement is FALSE about the Author Phase?
A. The closing of the Author Phase is automated based on the status of the Doclets. Once all of the Doclets have been marked complete, the Author Phase Is marked complete.
B. Doclet Authors are granted access to the report package when their Doclet is started.
C. In order to start the Author Phase for a Report Package, all Doclets must be assigned at least one Doclet Author.
D. Additional Doclets can be added to the Report Package while the Author Phase is In Progress.
Answer: A

You just set up an application, and now you must assign security. The client informs you that they do not need to restrict access on a granular level.Which data level approach should you take?
A. You can grant access to users on ยป dimension by dimension basis.
B. You can use a data grant and specify the portions of data within the model that can be accessed by users, groups or users and groups.
C. Security is only set on a granular level, so there is no need to assign access.
D. You can grant access to users on the entire application.
Answer: A

Which are valid steps when creating a Package?
A. Create Report, Add Users, Apply Security, Distribute
B. Report Center, Create Doclet, Apply Phases, Approval. Finalize
C. Create Package, Assign Phases, Add Doclet, Organize Sections, Add Author
D. Design, Author, Review, Approve
E. Create Doclet, Add Package, Apply Users/Groups, Add Author
Answer: B

When adding available content from a management report reference doclet, which two object types are available?
A. Chart
B. Text
C. Image
D. Grid
Answer: AD

Which two statements are True about uploading TrueType fonts into Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service?
A. If there is an error with one of the fonts in a zip file, all other valid files within the zip file will still be loaded.
B. If the font file already exists in the font folder structure, the newly uploaded font file will overwrite the existing font file.
C. TrueType fonts can be uploaded using either individual font files or zipped files containing multiple TrueType fonts to the fonts folder In the library.
D. Without uploaded fonts. Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service uses a font mapping utility that attempts to properly render the report In Word arid / or PowerPoint Doc lets.
E. The Application Administrator uploads TrueType fonts into Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.
Answer: E

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