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Share some Software as a Service – Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 1Z0-964 exam questions and answers below.
Your customer has different accounting and project accounting periods, and sometimes enters invoices with an invoice date in the open project accounting and closed accounting periods. Which two statements are true about how project accounting and accounting dates will be populated in such invoices? (Choose two.)

A. Accounting date is the same as the original invoice date.

B. Project accounting date is the same as the original invoice date.

C. Project accounting date is the first day of the first open project accounting period.

D. Project accounting date is the last day of the open project accounting period.

E. Accounting date is the first day of the first open accounting period.

Answer: C,E

You want to create a few project roles so as to restrict access in the Project Financial Management work area to only the specific projects in which an employee is assigned as a team member. What are the two default project roles available to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Project Executive

B. Project Accountant

C. Project Manager

D. Project Billing Specialist

E. Project Team Member

Answer: B,D

While opening an organization tree on the Manage Organization Trees page, you notice that the hierarchy status is displayed as Inactive.Identify the two reasons for the organization tree to be in Inactive status. (Choose two.)

A. You used Create Tree in the action menu.

B. You used Create Tree Version in the action menu.

C. You used View Tree Version in the action menu.

D. You selected the Edit icon for opening the hierarchy.

E. You opened the hierarchy by clicking the name.

Answer: A,D

You create a contract with two contract lines: Line 1 and Line 2. You create separate bill plans: A for contract Line 1 and B contract for Line 2, with a different bill set number (11 for Bill Plan A and 22 for Bill Plan B).Then Bill Plan A is allocated against Project X – Task 10, and Bill Plan B is allocated against Project Y – Task 30.Based on the preceding setup, you are generating invoices. Identify two correct statements about invoice generation in this scenario.(Choose two.)

A. Both the contract lines create only a single invoice because they are using the same contract.

B. Two invoices are created using the same contract.

C. Bill set number drives the grouping of transactions.

D. Invoice generation does not depend on bill plan. The invoices are created based on the contract line.

Answer: B,D

Select two correct statements about project classifications on a template. (Choose two.)

A. Set Code is not required for a project class category in a project classification.

B. Project Classification is a mandatory field on a project template.

C. When a project is created from a template, the required project classifications must be entered.

D. Project class category in a project classification must be associated with a Set Code.

Answer: A,C

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