[2018 Testpassport Valid] Huawei HCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network H19-301-ENU exam dumps

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Share some HCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network(Datacom) H19-301-ENU exam questions and answers below.
NE20E-S8 can do MPU, forwarding board, power supply and other key components redundancy.
Answer: A

Which switch does S3700 series belong to?
A. Layer two 100MB
B. Layer two 1GB
C. Layer three 100MB
D. Layer three 1GB
Answer: C

MAC address capacity of S2700 series switches is 8K.
Answer: A

What are the most fundamental difference between agile and traditional switch?
A. agile switches have fully programmable architecture and the whole level of openness, support programmable forwarding, fast to meet business needs
B. agile switch faster performance
C. agile switches are much smaller
D. agile switch more energy-efficient
Answer: A
Answer: A

What kind of business card does S5710-El support? (Multiple choice)
A. 8 * GE electrical interface card
B. 8 * GE optical interface card
C. 4 * 10GE SFP + daughter card
D. 2 * 10GE SFP + daughter card
Answer: ABD

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