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Share some IBM Certified Specialist C9020-668 exam questions and answers below.
A customer wants to improve storage efficiency within a data center. The customer requires a low latency storage system that has a highly parallel architecture and comprehensive data reduction with pattern removal.Which system should the technical specialist propose?


B. IBM FlashSystem A9000R

C. IBM FlashSystem V9000

D. IBM XIV with compression

Answer: C

Which OpenStack component allows management of IBM XIV and IBM DS8884 through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering users to provision resources through a web interface?

A. Swift

B. Horizon

C. Cinder

D. Nova

Answer: B

Which solution provides virtualization, consolidation, and automation for a cloud deployment?

A. IBM XIV with IBM Spectrum Protect

B. IBM FlashSystem 900

C. IBM Virtual Storage Center

D. IBM Spectrum Accelerate

Answer: C

Which IBM XIV replication feature provides the ability for a remote target volume to be initialized without requiring the contents of the source volume to be re-replicated over an inter-site link?

A. Offline Initialization

B. Quick Initialization

C. Synchronous Replication

D. Asynchronous Replication

Answer: A

A customer wants to improve overall workload performance and is considering adding either an IBM Storwize V7000F or an IBM FlashSystem A9000 to the environment.Which key performance characteristic differentiates these two products?

A. Latency

B. Connect time

C. Cache hit rate

D. Queue time

Answer: A

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