Netapp NCDA NS0-158 dumps NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.
Which NetApp management tool configures AutoSupport for nodes in a cluster?

A. OnCommand System Manager

B. ConfigAdvisor

C. OnCommand Performance Manager

D. OnCommand Insight

Answer: A

An administrator creates an account for a new user, and wants this user to have limited capabilities accessing SSH. The administrator defined the account, but the user still has full control.

Which two settings would the administrator use to correct this problem? (Choose two.)

A. the user account settings in OnCommand system Manager

B. the user account settings of the admin account

C. the user account settings in Windows Active Directory Users and Computers

D. the user account settings in the clustershell

Answer: A,D

In the storage failover command, what does the bypass-optimization option do?

A. It takes over the partner node without performing aggregate relocation.

B. It migrates all logical interfaces during takeover.

C. It takes over without migrating all logical interfaces.

D. It takes over the partner node performing aggregate relocation.

Answer: A

What is the minimum version of clustered Data ONTAP that supports shelf hot-remove?

A. 8.2.1

B. 7.3.3

C. 8.0.1

D. 8.3

Answer: A

What is true about a node root volume?

A. There is a root volume on every node in a cluster.

B. It is the root of a data SVM¡¯s namespace.

C. You can use vol move to move it to an aggregate on a different node.

D. It is the most secure place to store critical user data.

Answer: B

A customer wants to improve write performance on their FAS2552 HA system. The system is built with SAS drives, and they are not interested in purchasing additional disk shelves. The workload consists of mostly small, random overwrites and random reads.

What should the customer do to improve performance?

A. Enable free space reallocation on the aggregate.

B. Enable FlashCache on both nodes.

C. Increase the amount of NVRAM in the system.

D. Assign a Flash Pool RAID group to the aggregates.

Answer: A

Which of the following is true about a data protection (DP) mirror destination volume? (Choose all that apply)

A. Can be in the same vserver as the source

B. Can be in a different vserver as the source

C. Can be on a different cluster from the source

D. Can be on a Data ONTAP 7-mode system

E. Can be smaller than the source

Answer: A,B,C

Which two NFS versions are supported on clustered Data ONTAP 8.3? (Choose two.)

A. NFSv1

B. NFSv2

C. NFSv3

D. NFSv4

Answer: C,D

A customer cannot enable storage failover. You have verified that the cabling is correct, the HA partners can communicate with each other, and cluster HA is configured.

What must you do to resolve the problem?

A. Set the HA state in the maintenance boot menu.

B. Select option 4 in the boot menu.

C. Set switchless cluster in privilege advanced mode.

D. Modify epsilon in privilege advanced mode.

Answer: D

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