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Share some CAMS Certification CAMS exam questions and answers below.
How do payable through accounts (PTAs) differ from normal foreign correspondent accounts?
A. The customers do not have to worry about sanctions list screening such as OFAC
B. The customers have the ability to directly control funds at the correspondent bank
C. The customers can contact the correspondent bank directly to send wire transfers
D. The customers can hide their identity through the use of cover payments in U.S. dollars
Answer: B

The Wolfsberg Principles for Private Banking list circumstances that would require additional due diligence, including activities that involve which three of these choices?
A. Foreign jurisdictions
B. High Risk Countries, including those identified by credible sources as having inadequate Anti-Money Laundering standards
C. igh Risk activities, involving clients and beneficial owners whose source of wealth originates from activities known to be vulnerable to money laundering
D. Public officials, including those individuals who have or had positions of public trust
Answer: B, C, D

What should senior management do in order to promote a culture of anti-money laundering compliance?
A. They should include compliance with AML procedures as condition of employment
B. They should attend all training sessions with front-line employment
C. They should have close ties with the independent auditors of the AML program
D. They should base employee compensation on the amount of suspicious activity they detect
Answer: A

In which type of banking transaction is price manipulation, as a form of money laundering, a common practice?
A. Redeeming an annuity
B. Sending a wire transfer
C. Issuing a letter of credit
D. Subscribing to a cash management account
Answer: C

What is most valuable when using the internet as an investigative source?
A. A team of AML investigators
B. A reference list of websites known to yield credible information
C. A combination of independent thinking and technical skills
D. A powerful search engine
Answer: B

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